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Suggested itinerary for your sailing cruise

Mitsio Cruise
Located North East of Nosy Be, the Mitsio archipelago boasts a natural haven of green lush islands with white sandy beaches, translucent turquoise waters and deserted anchorages

Embarkation Nosy Be
Discovery of the yacht and installation on board.

Mitsio / Nosy Ankaréa
Very early in the morning, the yacht will sail to Nosy Ankaréa. This island shelters a beautiful bay where divers and snorkelling lovers will admire the numerous wonders of the sea. Towards the end of the afternoon, the boat will head to Grande Mitsio. It is the biggest island of the archipelago. It is also the only inhabited island, the local fishermen give their time to breeding and cultivation of the island. The island has got beautiful beaches and its sea is full of wonders. On the coast, at Mitaraka Cape, you can stand by the impressive black basalt columns.
In the bay and the small village of Maribé, you will appreciate the beauty and peacefulness of the landscapes, as well as the kindness and simplicity of Malagasy people. At Maribé, the anchorage is very good and you will probably eat freshly caught crayfish.
Night on board the sail boat mooring in Maribé.

We will leave Maribé to keep on sailing southwards to Tsarabanjina. During the journey, we will admire “the 4 brothers” Efatra Zoky. These islets are the place where thousands of terns and northern gannets come to lay. Their beautiful submarine landscapes and their submerged rocky faces attract divers all over the world.
Then you will see Tsarabanjina. This is a small tropical mountainous island, famous for its white sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters and its volcanic cone capped by luxuriant vegetation.
The boat will lift anchor for a 4 hour journey that will take you to Nosy Komba.

Nosy Komba
Nosy Komba is a place of adoration of sovereign fires Sakalava . It is an little island where lemurs live and are protected. Quite tame and used to humans, you can get quite close to them and feed them. In the fishing village of Ampangorina, in the North of the island, you can buy typical embroidered cotton-clothes from Madagascar. Heading for Nosy Tanikely, with its exceptional submarine fauna, you can admire the back and forth motions of the multicoloured fish and turtles, swimming between corals, shellfish, starfish and sea anemones. The warm waters here are crystal-clear and the sand is glittering.
A lighthouse overhangs this small territory, which keeps hidden in its luxuriant vegetation chameleons, flying foxes, butterflies and colonies of tropical birds.

An ideal place for a snorkelling morning. You can admire reef fish as well as an exceptional range of corals. Departure to the Russians Bay. This splendid bay faces Nosy-Be. It is so named because of the Russian soldiers who, during the Russo Japanese war, were dispatched on the island by the Tsar to control the Mozambique Channel.
The cove is enshrined in the luxuriant vegetation of the shores. You can meet dolphins sheltering in the bay. The anchorage is very good and still, a perfect spot to have dinner and rest for the night.

Nosy Iranja
“Turtles Island” emerges from the sea, showing its vegetation covered summit. Low tide discovers a long strip of white sand. A small village and a neglected lighthouse complete the scenery. As its name shows it, the island is the place chosen by the turtles to lay their eggs thanks to its beautiful white sandy beach. This is also a heavenly place where you can take breathtaking pictures.
We keep on sailing to Baramahamay bay. At the mouth of the river, the bay shelters a beautiful and still anchorage, in a narrow gully surrounded by hills. Small beaches border the river.
Towards the land, mangrove swamps growing on the shores are a Paradise for aquatic birds.

Ampohana foreland
This beautiful beach on “Grande Terre” counts among the beaches you will never forget: white sand, crystal-clear and blue water.

In Nosy Mamoko, you can meet villagers and admire giant turtles and lemurs before appreciating the peacefulness of the evening anchorage.

Coming back to Nosy-Be to disembark in Hell-Ville, where your cruise will come to its end

Mitsio Cruise -Diego Suarez
Mitsio Cruise -Diego Suarez

Radama Cruise
Located South West of Nosy Be, the Radama archipelago is an enchanting mix of crystal – blue lagoons clustered with tropical vegetation and ringed with white sandy beaches .

Nosy Be / Russians Bay
We will depart from Nosy Be on a course to Russians Bay . Here, you can discover the magnificent white sandy beaches bordered with lush tropical vegetation and enjoy snorkeling on a shallow sand bank in a clear blue water . Mooring before nightfall

Russians Bay / Nosy Iranja / Barahamamay
Set sail to Nosy Iranja ! The sheltered anchorages , deserted white sandy beaches, crystal – clear water and fascinating marine life make up the heaven that is “Turtles Island” . As the sailing cruise continues we will approach Baramahamay and discover the spectacular anchorage at the mouth of the Barahamamay River . Here, you can explore the mangrove swamps on a dinghy and watch for wild birds such as the Fish and Sea Eagle and White Ibis.

Barahamamay / Kalakajoro
From Barahamamay, we are heading for Nosy Kalakajoro, a paradise on Earth surrounded with translucent blue waters, sugar white beaches and an unspoilt natural environment.

Kalakajoro / Nosy Valiha
The island of Nosy Valika is located at the southernmost part of the Radama archipelago . Mooring off a beautiful beach with tropical vegetation, you can relax with swimming, snorkeling and a visit to a charming fishing village

Nosy Valiha / Antany Mora / Nosy Berafia
This sailing excursion will bring you to Nosy Antany Mora where you can watch exotic varieties of wild birds and marine life . The course then changes towards Nosy Berafia, the largest island of the Radama archipelago where you can experience a land excursion to the ancient plantations of ylang ylang ( local perfume ), coffee and green pepper

Nosy Berafia / Russians Bay
Early departure for the days sail to the peaceful and heavenly anchorage of Russians Bay

Russians Bay / Tany Kelly / Nosy Be
Finally sail is set to Tany Kelly, a haven of coral sand beaches and abundant submarine fauna before the return to Nosy Be .

Radama Cruise
Radama Cruise

During a cruise with longer duration , Saint Sebastian Cape, Courrier Bay and a land excursion from Diego Suarez located at the northernmost part of the island or the Comoros archipelago sailing from Mayotte, can be included in the itinerary

Moheli & Mayotte
Moheli & Mayotte (Mayotte is located about 200 miles Northwest of Nosy Be)


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